Women of Power

Stage Fund, a private equity turnaround firm, has always believed that variety is the spice of life… that is until Daniel Frydenlund, Chairman and CEO of Stage Fund, decided that Beyonce was right after all; Women run the world. For a long time coming, Daniel has made it a point to create a larger female presence, and of course, the results have been inconceivably stunning.

With women making up 50.8 percent of the US population in late 2017, that means that women also earn nearly 60 percent of undergraduate degrees and 60 percent of all master’s degrees.  They earn 47 percent of all law degrees and 48 percent of all medical degrees.  They earn 38 percent of MBA’s and 48% of specialized master’s degrees.  Women account for 47 percent of the U.S labor force as well, and 49% of the college-educated workforce.  All of these impressive statistics, and still, females are being far under-represented in higher positions, such as those regarding leadership for instance.  There is an underwhelming 25 percent of female executives, and 6 percent of women holding the position of CEO.

All of that in mind, Stage Fund has over a very short amount of time acquired many talented, brilliant, beautiful (and the list goes on) women to represent various positions within Stage Fund.  Meet Sherry Frydenlund, Briana Milligan, Brittany Harrison, and Patricia Gray.  Each of these ladies play massively important roles at Stage Fund.

Sherry Frydenlund is the Co-Founder of Stage Fund and plays a fundamental role in post acquisition integration and is also significant to the early due diligence process. Sherry’s role in the restructuring and development of dozens of companies has been key to Stage Fund. During the primordial years, she was instrumental as she led financial and logistic operations for a $20m commercial solar project in Canada as well as several other build outs. Currently she is CEO of Stage Fund’s Lolly Wolly Doodle (LWD), an e-commerce platform offering customized women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. Sherry is a mother of two children and an insanely talented artist.

Her early career focus was in marketing, design & animation and led to positions such as a college professor at a technology college for several years teaching animation and graphic design programs as well as an Art Director for a specialty foods company in Denver, CO. In her spare time, Sherry teaches Yoga and is a nutrition & culinary enthusiast. Is your head spinning already?  Because ours is.  “My career move to Stage Fund in 2009 was one of the most exhilarating and challenging moves I’ve ever made. Loyalty, trust and high work ethic are difficult to attain in any startup so Daniel and I found our partnership sensible and wise. Working with Stage Fund has taken my focus to a much broader view of businesses and their life cycles. Daniel’s belief in my ability to lead (and many others’) has provided opportunities that have accelerated my growth and knowledge in business and ‘leveled the playing field of my analog & digital brain’! Just as in nature, when we stop growing we start dying. I am passionate about creating change and allowing for growth in business as well as personally. This philosophy, as simple as it is, is also one of the key principles of our approach with Stage Fund portfolio companies and their development. I thoroughly enjoy providing value to these businesses and in turn, the additional stakeholders involved.”  Daniel Frydenlund stated, “To me its thrilling to build a business with your spouse. She constantly adds to the business with her creatively bold business mindset”.

Next on the list is Briana Milligan.  Milligan, current Director of M&A/Organization at Stage Fund, recently accepted a role as President of Ontuitve, a leader in customized performance support services, and has done a wonderful job running and representing Ontuitive.  Briana is a Colorado native who graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Political Science and Journalism.  During her time at CSU, Milligan was a legislative intern to a State Representative and State Senator.  Currently at Ontuitive, Milligan is looking at another acquisition of robust technology to add to Ontuitive’s suite of technology services; this will serve to be a massive expansion technologically. “The past three years at Stage Fund have been the best and most challenging of my career. I enjoy waking up everyday and working with such talented people. I am excited to be running Ontuitive and taking the company to higher level.” – Briana Milligan.
New to Stage Fund’s Ontuitive, is Brittany Harrison.  Harrison has been brought on as the new Senior Product Consultant.  She is responsible for overseeing deployment of new products, and sits in between customers and technologies to ensure the product is used to its best of abilities. “I am honored that I was chosen to work with an incredible team. Ontuitive and Stage Fund foster a creative and positive environment. I feel empowered and valued as I contribute to the organization, the product and the culture. This position is invigorating and I’m encouraged to dream big”.  Harrison graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business with a degree in Business Administration.

Last, but certainly not least, is Patricia Gray.  Gray graduated from Adams State College with a BS in Accounting and Finance.  Patricia has a diversified background specializing in reporting/business analysis, budgeting, reconciliations, payroll and general ledger accounting, and is Stage Fund’s Corporate controller.  Her responsibilities are to ensure that all of the companies are reporting affectively and that the board of directors understand how each company is performing.  “What a wonderful and dynamic team of individuals to work with daily.  Under the leadership of Dan and Sherry at the Stage Fund, everyone is empowered and encouraged to not only reach their goals but go above and beyond to achieve their highest potential, no matter their role in the organization.” Patricia Gray.

Thank you ladies for being a part of this weeks edition of Deals and Deal Makers!  See you next week.