The Stage Fund Expands its Portfolio by Acquiring SANpulse

The Stage Fund, through it’s subsidiary FKR Acquisitions LLC, acquires SANpulse. Changes in evolution of cloud computing will show this asset has life and a strong future outlook. Combining the capital of The Stage Fund and the associated human capital talent, we look at 2015 with excitement for this company.

About SanPulse
SANpulse, The Migration Expert, transforms the world’s largest IT infrastructures and creates efficiencies to help reduce IT-related operational and capital expenses. Through technology led solutions, the company changes the landscape for large scale consolidations and migrations by providing infrastructure information insight that empowers proactive decisions. SANpulse solutions include SANlogics, Migration Practice and SANatomy. SANlogics, a modular proprietary software platform, supports enterprise migrations and related business requirements through discovery, analytics and auto-generation of executables

About The Stage Fund
The Stage Fund acquires and partners with a multitude of different businesses in various stages. In situations when the implicit contract between equity investors, management and venture lenders breaks, The Stage Fund comes in to solve the stalemate quickly before value is lost or completely destroyed. Starting with crisis management, The Stage Fund invests, provides real-time information to employees, and works around the clock to turn the company around. The typical venture investment business model is not designed to react in these special situations, and it’s what The Stage Fund does everyday.

“Tough decisions are madeand implemented immediately. The Stage Fund’s team/operating professionals have the experience to know cost reductions are only the beginning. The cost reductions must be deep enough to allow and support investments in revenue generating activities to reach sustainability. Sustainability does not happen with several “RIFs”, reduction of force, over many months.We are active investors and operators with solid experience, not venture capitalists.  Our model does not allow for passive investments. We act confidently and with complete significance,” states Daniel Frydenlund, Chairman and Managing Partner of The Stage Fund.