Stage Fund Acquires Ontuitive, a Performance Learning Tech Company

DENVER – Oct. 25, 2017 – PRLog — Private equity turnaround and growth firm, Stage Fund, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ontuitive. Ontuitive is a leading provider of real-time performance learning with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands. Both Stage Fund and Ontuitive are excited about this opportunity for collaboration and partnership. “This acquisition means that Ontuitive gains expertise, capacity, and energy that will translate into value for our customers, both current and prospective” stated Keith Lynip.

Since Stage Fund was brought in, there have been many positive changes made to Ontuitive’s leadership. John Hall has been elevated to the Board of Directors. John, along with Daniel Frydenlund, CEO of Stage Fund, will provide insight on company strategy. When discussing the acquisition, Daniel stated “I’m very excited about the opportunity for Stage Fund to help Ontuitive grow. Ontuitive has key customers in the airline industry, food services and financial consulting industry, just to name a few. With our support, we’ll expand with those customers”.

Keith Lynip is stepping into the position of President. Keith has 21 years in the education sector, including higher education and corporate learning. Furthermore, Keith’s tenure with Ontuitive, most recently as Vice President of Professional Services, allows the transition to move forward quickly and seamlessly. Keith stated, “We’re excited by this new partnership. We think Ontuitive’s and Stage Fund’s goals and values align well. We’re eager to move forward together.” Excited to take on the role of President, Keith also stated that “Attention to value for the customer, which has been our hallmark, will continue.”

About Stage Fund

Stage Fund, founded in 2009 by Daniel Frydenlund, is a turnaround and growth private equity firm focused on acquiring controlling interests in companies undergoing change in capital structure, strategy, operations or growth, can benefit from our operational and capital approach and that have reached a point in their lifecycle presenting an opportunity for transformation. Stage Fund is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in N.Y.C.

About Ontuitive

Ontuitive, Inc., a technology-enabled learning services company, develops and delivers performance learning solutions that support business processes, IT applications and systems, workplace learning, and organizational knowledge. It offers

solutions ranging from customized performance support to off-the-shelf content, business process guidance, contextual application support, and agile lean learning. The company also provides strategic consulting, design and development, implementation, enablement, training, and desk support services.