The Stage Fund is a private equity firm located in 3 key cities in the U.S.: Denver H.Q., San Francisco and New York.  The Stage Fund was developed with the understanding that economic cycles drive difficult situations within venture equity & debt investing and demand immediate action. When the implicit contract between equity investors, management and venture lenders breaks within a company, The Stage Fund solves the stalemate quickly. Starting with crisis management, we invest, we provide real-time information to all stakeholders, and we work around the clock. The typical venture investment business model is not designed to react in these special situations, and it’s what the teams at The Stage Fund do everyday. The Stage Fund’s operating professionals have the experience to know cost reductions are only the beginning. As well, those cost reductions must be deep enough to allow and support investments in revenue generating activities to reach sustainability. The Stage Fund is an active investor with solid experience and not venture capitalists.  The Stage Fund model does not allow for passive investments.