Investment Criteria

The typical investment has several challenges, issues or road blocks facing the company,  and holding it back from a strong, successful pivot and recovery.

  • Capitalization table making a venture investor’s return impossible
  • Companies faced with a competitive “leap-frog” technology advancement caught off guard
  • Firms busting debt covenants with no recovery plan or support from equity holders
  • Debtors in Possession requiring exits
  • Support for “Strong Management” buy-outs
  • Senior Debt Holders/Venture Lenders requiring crisis management and support options
  • Market developed business experiencing industry change
  • Post revenue, Pre-Breakeven requiring focus to reach sustained growth
  • Declining revenue segments with a strong core product
  • Capacity for growth through organic means or by acquisition & roll-up strategies
  • Companies that will benefit from rapid cost reductions supported by centralized administration
  • Broken venture equity syndicates causing stalemates destroying value by lack of decisions
  • Companies with dysfunctional leadership inside and outside the company
  • Sound technology requiring a pivot towards a profitable industry or new business segment
  • Companies losing talent and no ability to hire experienced professional leadership