Stage Fund is a private equity firm located in 2 key cities in the U.S.: Denver H.Q., and New York. Stage Fund was developed with the understanding...

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Daniel Frydenlund’s first opportunity to work in turnaround situations began in 1999. The opportunity arose while working for a Centennial Ventures portfolio company ...

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The Stage Fund specializes in acquiring businesses that are undergoing change in capital structure, strategy, operations or growth and can benefit from...

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The Stage Fund is actively seeking strategic opportunities that compliment it’s existing investments including bolt on acquisitions. Currently the portfolio consists of software and hardware companies in several different industries. That said, our interests are opportunity focused and not necessarily industry specific. The Stage Fund investments have historically been companies that have raised significant capital, developed products and/or services, are post revenue, and require a new and different lead investor.

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    Peter Schultze-Rhonhof | Managing Partner | SPF Partners

    I have known and worked with Dan Frydenlund since his days as European CFO at Formus. Since that time we have cooperated in numerous ventures in the tech and renewables sectors. I have always been impressed by his drive and results oriented work approach. Dan is a very resourceful and reliable business partner whom I will always want to have on my side during complex situations.

    Julian Burns | Director | European Bank

    I worked with Dan in Denver after getting my MBA at Denver University and later in the Hague Netherlands and London.  We worked on challenging investment and funding projects.  His unwillingness to quit sets the tone when faced with technical financial and strategic negotiations.  Internationally focused working together throughout the Americas, England, and European major cities, we were a great team.

    Chris Onan | Founder | Appian Ventures and Galvanize

    Dan Frydenlund is a seasoned operator with a no-nonsense approach and a clear focus on salvaging & creating value.

    Tim Callahan | Managing Principal | Cushman & Wakefield

    Cushman & Wakefield has worked with Dan Frydenlund to provide real estate advisory services to support the growth of The Stage Fund's companies over the past six years. We find his leadership and connectivity in the tech sector to be especially profound; understanding the issues associated with the financial, operational and workforce logistics required from startup to exit strategies. He is tenacious and passionate in his efforts on behalf of his investors, employees and future opportunities.

    Phillip Dignan | Founder | Appian Ventures

    Turnarounds are tough. They require a disciplined, no nonsense approach, and a lot of hard decisions. Dan Frydenlund and The Stage Fund have shown an ability to walk that line, and then grow a business. They fill an important niche between venture firms and entrepreneurs.

    Juan Carlos-Morales Cortes | CFO | European Capital

    I worked with Mr Frydenlund in a number of businesses over the years, in both growth and booming times and in unfortunate restructurings.  He has ample skill sets to deal with difficult situations and a no-nonsense approach in taking decisions.  I enjoyed working with him and consider him to be a fantastic leader who is really interested in getting in to a business to understand the best solution for either growth or restructuring.

    Greg Burnell | Former COO | Teamshare

    "At TeamShare, with Dan's leadership and having him on the board in support of the executive team, we were able to create an exit that took care of investors, employees and customers alike. It's a hard decision to make, to sell the company, when you believe in the product and the people but sometimes the right thing to do is to allow the employees and the product to have the right stage for success. Dan kept it all together through the acquisition and to this day the product and many of the employees are still enjoying their success. The investors are happy, too!"

    Tom Washing | Managing Director | Sequel Ventures

    Dan Frydenlund was brought into Skyetek by the Equity Owners and Square 1 Bank to restructure and grow the company in early 2010.  Skyetek was not reaching sustainability and needed drastic changes.   Dan and his group moved very quickly in demanding times bringing in the right talent and driving results that saved the company. They got the company to break-even in 30 days. The company continues to grow today adding new technology to their product offering, expanding into new markets and it's revenue increased over 30% in 2012.

    Joe Harar | Principal | TDF Ventures

    I have watched Dan and The Stage Fund evolve and become a go-to partner for early stage and growth companies. Under Dan’s leadership and insight, the firm has developed a creative and systematized approach to producing strong returns for investors. By coupling deep industry knowledge and active ownership with disciplined execution and long-term focus, The Stage Fund has established itself as a market leading partner for clients and companies.

    Gary Golding | General Partner | LogicTree

    I worked with Dan and The Stage Fund on a very difficult situation at LogicTree. Square One Bank engaged the services of The Stage Fund to turn-around the company. Dan and his team were able to analyze and react quickly; the deal was done in 48 hours. LogicTree grew 42% since their involvement and is positioned to continue as a leader in IVR services in major US metropolitan markets.